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Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Will the clay provided in my impression kit dry out if I don’t use it right away or need to try more than one time to get the best impression?

Answer:  The impression material used is a non-toxic polymer clay and it will not dry out.  You will simply need to work the clay in your hands to warm it and make it pliable.  You can take your pet’s impression as many times it is necessary to get the perfect impression.  Impression clay will not harden and will only set when baked according to the instructions provided.


Question:  I have a small pet and would like to have two paw prints mounted on the plaque - can this be done?

Answer:  Each My Cherished Paws© Impression Kit is for one impression.  Due to the limited amount of space available for mounting each paw print, it may not be possible.  For very small pets, it may be possible.  You will need to contact us to discuss your specific situation before you place your order. If it is possible, you will be given a code that must be entered when ordering your Impression Kit.  This code will notify us know your special request received authorization and additional fees will be applied.


Question:  Can the picture frame be mounted horizontally instead of the standard vertical mounting?

Answer:  The picture frame is only available with the vertical mounting.


Question:  My pet has a very large paw and I do not think there is enough impression material in the Impression Kit.  Can I get additional material?

Answer:  Each kit contains enough impression material to take most pet breed's impressions.  If you have tried unsuccessfully to get a good impression and need additional impression material, contact us for additional material.


Question:  What happens to my original impression after I send it to My Cherished Paws©?

Answer:  Master impressions are kept on file for up to six months. 


Question:  Can I receive my master impression back?

Answer:  Yes. You may request your master impression be returned.  We will not ship master impressions with the completed My Cherished Paws© 3D Paw Print Plaque.  They will be shipped separately once we have received notification from the US Postal Service that you have successfully received your order.  Contact Customer Service for more information.  Shipping/Handling fees apply for the separate priority mailing.

Question:  I would like to have an additional plaque made.  Do I have to take another impression?

Answer:  If you request an additional plaque be made from your original impression within 6 months of your original order, additional plaques can be made.  You can place this order either by email at or by calling us and placing your order directly. 


Question:  Do I need to send a picture of my pet with my plaque order form?

Answer:  No.  Please DO NOT SEND PHOTOS with your order.  Photos are to be inserted by you when your completed plaque is received.  My Cherished Paws© is not responsible for photos sent with orders.

Question:  I have a paw print impression that I received from my Veterinarian when my pet passed away.  Can I use this impression and have a My Cherished Paws© 3D Paw Print plaque made?

Answer:  ABSOLUTELY!  My Cherished Paws© can use almost any type of molded impression of your pet's paw.  Please keep in mind that the detail of the 3D Paw Print Plaque will only be as good as the original impression.  You will need to contact us prior to placing your order on-line.  You will receive a code for your special order request.  Once your order is received, we will email you your custom order form that you will submit with your original impression.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS WITHOUT PROPERLY PACKAGING AND INSURING YOUR SHIPMENT.  My Cherished Paws© is not responsible for loss or damage to your original impression when shipping.  Additional shipping/handling fees will apply for the separate return of original impression.


Question:  Can I have the 3D casting unmounted?

Answer:  The 3D castings are not sold unmounted.  

Question:  How long does it take to receive my completed 3D Paw Print Plaque?

Answer:  Once your master impression is received at our facility, you will receive your completed plaque within 3 weeks!  Due to the casting process, there are no rush orders.