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Custom 3-D Paw Print Plaques

See and Feel 

Your Pet's Paw Print Forever

Artisan Handcrafted


Preserving Memories

Bronze Paw Print Plaque

Heirloom Quality Memorial Product

Since 2008, we have been helping families capture precious memories and preserve their pet's paw print.  Unparalleled detail like no other paw print product.  Each custom plaque comes complete with photo frame, 3D paw print casting and custom engraved plate.  

My Cherished Paws makes a great addition to 

your current paw print offerings.  

Pewter Paw Print

Artisan Craftsmanship

Each casting is handcrafted by our skilled artisans.  Highly detailed, showing the dimples and fur swirls that are unique to each paw print....Unique just like the relationship between families and their pets.

Taking Paw Print Impression

Easy To Use

You take the impression and we do the rest!  Castings are handmade from a basic paw print impression.  Plaque, paw print color options and personalized engraving customizes each My Cherished Paws 3-D Paw Print Plaque.  Return Shipping Included.

We exclusively work with professional after-death care providers.  If you are interested in a My Cherished Paws plaque, please contact your provider.

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