WHOLESALE SALES ONLY - Contact your pet care professional for information


Currently, we offer our custom plaques to approved wholesale sellers 

that offer professional after-death care services.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an approved wholesale seller,  

please contact us at CustomerService@mycherishedpaws.com

Product Details



My Cherished Paws 3D Paw Prints capture the unique and intricate details of each pet's paw print that a basic clay impression cannot.



Using a basic paw print impression taken at your facility, we create a casting that transform the basic impression into a detailed 3D paw print.    Our finished 3D paw print  is an heirloom quality memorial product your clients will be glad you offer in addition to your standard paw print offerings.  

Your Material or Ours


If you currently offer clients clay paw prints, you can use your existing material to take the impression necessary for a 3D Paw Print Plaque and SAVE $5.00.  



Every paw print is handcrafted by our artisans.  Extreme care is taken to ensure each casting captures the unique details of each paw print.

Custom Options


Customize each plaque with multiple options.  Choose your plaque color and paw print finish option.  Complete the customization with personalized engraved plate.  Each plaque comes complete with 4"x6" photo holder.

Paw Print Impression Kits


If you do not currently use clay impression material, we offer a complete Paw Print Impression Kit to take the basic impressions needed to order your My Cherished Paws 3D Paw Print Plaques.