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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the original paw print impression back?

YES.  All original paw print impressions are returned with each completed plaque.

If you have a client with a paw print from a previous pet, we can use that impression for a 3D Paw Print Plaque.

Contact Customer Service for detailed instructions customerservice@mycherishedpaws.com

Can I use my own clay for My Cherished Paws impressions?

YES! If you currently use a baked clay material to take your impressions, you can use that material to take impressions for the 3D Paw Print Plaques.  Important - No air-dry materials are accepted.  If you have questions, please email customerservice@mycherishedpaws.com

How long does it take to get my 3D Paw Print Plaque?

Once your paw print impression is received in our facility, you can expect your custom plaque in approximately 3 weeks.  Due to the required casting time, we are unable to accept rush orders.

Can the photo holder be horizontal vs vertical?

The photo holder only comes in the vertical orientation.

Can two paw prints be mounted on the same plaque?

The amount of space available to mount each 3D Paw Print is limited.  IF the paw print is extra small and space allows, we can do a custom upgrade for an additional fee.  Please email a photo of the impression to customerservice@mycherishedpaws.com

and request PRE-APPROVAL before placing the custom order.

Can two plaques be made with one Impression Kit?

Each Impression Kit makes ONE 3D Paw Print Plaque.  It is important to use all the material provided to ensure the impression is thick enough to withstand the pressure/casting process.

Can there be more than two lines of engraving?

YES!  Each 3D Paw Print Plaque includes two lines of engraving included in the price.  When placing your custom order, you can add an additional line of engraving for an extra fee.

Can multiple plaques be made from the same impression?

YES!  When ordering your custom plaque, you can select additional plaques be made.  If the custom options are not identical, you can place a second order and when submitting the impression for casting, just make a note on the order to use the same impression.  IMPORTANT ~ If using Impression Kits, you must contact customer service for instructions on how to place the order.


Are pet photos submitted to My Cherished Paws?

NO!  Please do not send photos of your pet.  Photos are to be inserted in the photo frame by the customer.  

Can Paw Print Impression Kits be sold as a retail product?

YES!  You can sell the Impression Kit as a do-it-yourself take home kit.  Since we do not accept retail orders directly, the custom order needs to be submitted by you as the wholesale vendor.

Can broken or missing toenails be added before casting?

YES!  Our artisans can repair or add toenails to the impression prior to casting.  You must select  "Add" or "Repair" Toenails as an option when placing the custom order. 

 This is not done automatically.

Are the 3D castings pure bronze or pewter?

Each 3D casting is made of a lightweight polymer material and finished with a special metal-infused finish.  A pure bronze or pewter casting would be weight and cost prohibited.

Will the Paw Print Impression Kits dry out?

NO!  The non-toxic, clay impression material will not dry out.  Baking the impression is the only way to "set" the impression and must be done prior to sending to My Cherished Paws.

Paw Print Impression Kit material seems hard. Is this normal?

YES!  The material included in the Impression Kits are "shelf stable" and may feel hard when first opened.  We recommend breaking the impression into smaller, pieces and kneading them in your hand to soften.  Gradually add more clay until all clay is soft and pliable.  

Do not add water and/or microwave impression material. 

Does Paw Print Impression Kit material start to set while taking impression?

NO!  You can take impressions as many times as necessary to get it perfect.  The impression material will not harden or set until baked.

Do you have additional questions not answered here?

If you have additional questions about My Cherished Paws 3D Paw Print Plaques, please contact us at customerservice@mycherishedpaws.com.

Where To Send Paw Print Impression Orders

Depending on where your facility is located, you will send your impression/orders to a designated regional location.  This information is provided to you in your Welcome & Training Guide.

If you need additional information, contact Customer Service   at (214) 561-1901 

or email us at customerservice@mycherishedpaws.com